Your time is valuable.

Yes your skill set may have a market price. Yes you may have a select skill that few others have or knowledge that is desired by many. But outside of working hours your time is maybe even more precious.

Speaking to our candidates the area we have found they hate the most was the time taken writing CV’s, what to put in and what to leave out and wasted journeys to interviews they don’t get.

At Difrent we video CVs and do skype calls as an initial interview and candidate selection technique. This way YOU get to control your answer, you get to speak to the client direct, explain to them what you are about and what is behind the skill set they wish. All from the comfort of your home PC or laptop.

The client can then quickly see YOU and not just some facts on a piece of paper. Let’s face it sometimes our face just doesn’t fit. But wouldn’t you be happier knowing that before we spend an hour or more travelling to the interview, two hours in an interview and then over an hour back? We thought so.

Then if the client does request a face to face meeting they will already know who is walking through he door and you know they are happy with what they are going to see.